Best DSLR Camera Stabilizer January 2018 Review

This is a fun-to-death era, and movie and television has become the fifth largest lifestyle need for people after they have lived and worked. With the popularization of smartphones and tablets, film and television are like a flood of water, contracting people's lives all the time, whether it is to get off work from work, the public acquiescence of the film and television entertainment and deep into them. Every modern person unconsciously consumes incalculable film and television.

Know the lens, will allow you to better understand the movie and television, you can talk in the social forum on the way you love a director that easy to gain everyone's worship of you. But also to keep rising posture photographers, it is essential home cheats.

Camera Slider Zoom (Dolly Zoom) is a very famous lens shooting approach, the camera on the one hand to promote the use of simultaneous zoom photography, moving the target object to produce a zoom visual effect, which effectively highlight the target object in the screen, The main body as the position of the scene does not shift the size of the composition.
  Sevenoak Pro Camera Stabilizer SK-SW Pro 2
  Sevenoak SK-SW Pro 2 Carbon Fiber Handheld Video Stabilizer is a lightweight hand-held camera stabilization system for cameras and video cameras weighing up to approx. 3 kg. This stabilizer guarantees incredibly smooth and graceful shots even when you are running or going up and down stairs. It provides professional pictures or videos for professional video and film makers. It features carbon fiber and Aluminum construction; quick release camera platform; back and forth, side to side, up and down fine adjustment, height adjustable hand grip etc.

  The back and forth, side to side moving camera platform allows for a quick adjustment of horizontal balance while the disks on the base platform adjust the camera’s vertical balance. When properly balanced, the camera floats, and the stabilizer is ready to use.
Sevenoak camera stabilizer

Establishing Shot, the beginning of a movie or at the beginning of a scene, used to pinpoint the location of a scene, is often a broad perspective. The scene lens will usually be combined with the aerial camera, appear after the aerial camera.

Low Angle Shot, the camera from the vertical position lower than most shots of the subject position of the lens, the picture can often make the main character appears to be more tall, of course, the use of upside down camera, the key is that this A combination of low-angle shots and the specifics of a movie's footage, such as taking a picture of a kid and more.

Camera stabilizer
SK-W01N Precision Camera Stabilizer
SK-W02N Sevenoak Camera stabilizer 
SK-PSC1 Handheld Smart Grip
Video stabilizer with built in microphone MicRig Stereo
SK-H02 Video Stabilizing Top Handle
SK-W02 Sevenoak Camera stabilizer 
SK-W08 Mini Action Camera  Stabilizer 



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