Best DSLR Shoulder camera cage Reviewed in 2018

  Although many video cameras now have their own performance has been fully able to meet the high standard of film and television production needs. However, the use of cameras for film and television creation will encounter the problem is that the camera itself is designed to cause it very lack of attachment points. At this time, a "cage" not only allows you to freely install the attachments you need, but also provide extra protection for your camera.
  The camera cage kit With years of development with video cameras, the sevenoak universal kit is designed for portability, compactness and versatility, and is compatible with most SLR and micro-single from Canon, Nikon and Sony.
  This all-purpose camera cage kit includes a roof, floor, base, 15 mm rails, cage and hand cradles. The cage is a standard 15mm pole with many 1/4 "and 3/8" tapped holes for mounting a wide range of accessories of different sizes. It is a support that joins the roof to the floor. It is made of aluminum, strong enough to withstand torsional forces, and provides aesthetics in addition to the aesthetically pleasing black anodized finish.

  Camera Cage SK-GHA6
  The Sevenoak SK-GHA6 is a video Camera cage specifically designed for the action cameras in the waterproof shooting. It protects and stabilizes the camera while shooting underwater and make your video more stable in a fluent way. The included wrist strap will keep the cage from falling off or stripping away. The SK-GHA also provides multiple attachment points for available accessories such as a handle, cold shoe, or on camera light or monitor. The cage is made from aluminum for a smooth, corrosion resistant finish. The action camera fits into the cage, and the included fastening screw secures the camera in place.

  The top panel is also equipped with 1/4 "and 3/8" tapped holes. The top plate attaches to the hot shoe of the camera to fix the position of the camera inside the camera cage. The back panel allows the user to easily adjust the camera's front-to-back position so that the cage can be aligned accurately. The compact design of the camera cage provides enough room for the user to replace the battery, change the SD card and access all the interfaces. In addition, all buttons, dials and screens are unobstructed and disrupted.
  Every point in the camera cage is mobile and adjustable, making it more flexible to use. And if you only want to use a few accessories and pursue the most compact setup for a single shot, you can assemble a C-shaped structure with just one side of the support rod, and it is still as sturdy.

  In addition to the camera cage body, take a look at the rest of the kit. Which contains two 15 mm mini-short rod, through the screw connection kit base and camera cage floor.

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The Perfect Shoulder Sevenoak Camera Rig

 The Sevenoak Precision Camera Stabilizer SK-W01N

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