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  Often see novices who incorrectly use the camera rig, either can not make the best use of, waste function, or because of the method is not correct and lead to frequent accidents, on the million devices so fall. Tripod role is to stabilize the camera to reduce vibration, but the wrong words, not only failed to function, but will become a security risk.
  Xiaobian here today listed some mistakes often made using camera rig, as well as ways to improve, to see if you are in use is not also have such negligence!
  Of course, the axis of the tripod can be raised, but pay attention to the shift of the center of gravity of the entire system after raising the center axis. You have to consider the weight of the camera. If the camera is too heavy, you may find that the camera becomes less stable when the camera is lowered. When the lower leg is not extended, the middle shaft will form a relatively long lever and may even touch The camera led to shift, or even tipping over, making the composition more inconvenient shooting, both a certain degree of danger.
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  camera rig, of course, the use of three-legged stable structure, but when the use of the middle of the leg open when used, there will be a different fixed angle, many newcomers ignore these angles, only free to open or three-legged tube of different angles As a result, the camera can not only be unstable but also affect photography. In particular, it becomes very difficult to adjust the level.

  Landscape photography is very respect the horizon, can be set when shooting a good level, can greatly reduce the post-crop effort and unnecessary loss of images, with the tripod's own correction system, it is easy to find a balance.

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