Camera Movements You Can Do With A Sevenoak camera Slider

  The cart seems to have no technical content, but James Saldutti, a professional film mechanic from Hollywood, invented an interesting product and launched it through MSE, either as a movie cart or as a camera slider use.
  After special design, the entire trolley platform net height 4.4cm, you can get a very low shooting angle. And the overall size is small, can be used in many narrow space.
  Camera slider in the mechanical design process is the most widely used, basically each camera will have the presence of camera slider, but you really use it? Xiaobian collected several standard camera slider Cheats, quickly get it
  1, camera slider is divided into the base track and slave track, the reference track than the high precision track, the two need to be used with. The following figure HIWIN as an example:
  2, when the accuracy is not high, camera slider can be installed on the profile, but also can be used, you can save costs.
  3, when the need for general accuracy, but not subject to impact, can also be as follows:
  4. When the accuracy is very high, but also in the vibration environment, the need for camera slider have a certain rigidity and impact work, we must have this design.
  Light-weight Carbon Fiber camera Slider SK-CFS80
  Light-weight Carbon Fiber Camera Slider SK-CFS80 is equipped with adjustable legs with height adjustable which enable you to get the level or canted shot you’re looking for. A built-in bubble level is available to aid in horizontal alignment. To help bring the overall weight of the slider down, SK-CFS80 uses durable and lightweight carbon fiber rails. The carbon fiber rails not only make the movement quiet and smooth, but also enable you to extend the length of the slider to 1.2m and 1.6m by only purchasing extra extension rails separately from Sevenoak.
sevenoak camera slider

  Load track also called camera slider, hidden camera slider. Belongs to a linear ball bearings, mainly used in drawers, furniture, and some need to be smoothly extracted parts. Although more applications inside the furniture, but we have a lot of machine design is also possible to refer to the furniture design, citing such camera slider improve customer satisfaction. It is load-carrying capacity, the load can be easily dangled and can be retracted to hide their perfect, but the disadvantage is obvious, low accuracy, easy to operate improperly damaged, stuck.

Camera slider
Light-weight Carbon Fiber Camera Slider SK-CFS80
Carbon Fiber Camera Slider SK-TXS80
Sevenoak Motorized Camera Slider SK-MTS100
Camera Slider SK-LS120
Camera Slider SK-LS85
Camera Slider SK-LS60
Camera Dolly Slider SK-DS60



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