DIY DSLR camera dolly for your video

  Excessive exercise can cause severe motion sickness, and each attempt should try to eliminate or at least reduce these movements. Not all sports you do not want can be removed during the post-processing, so we recommend looking for the right solution during the shoot.
  The main problem with this is that any camera rig you use will eventually be captured by the camera. In 2D video shooting, you can avoid it so the cameras are not visible, but not the same when shooting 360 ° content. Every corner of the scene will be taken. This is why although some camera rigs are more effective than other camera rig, there are always some locations taken, no matter how small. These camera rigs need to be overwritten with a logo or image, or removed at post-processing. Depending on the camera rig, the post-removal method can be very difficult and expensive.
  Shoulder Support Camera Rig mini SK-VC01
  Sevenoak SK-VC01 is a highly compact and light-weight aluminum shoulder support Camera rig specifically used for small DV, 4/3 cameras and small DSLRs. The shoulder support camera rig SK-VC01 should camera support rigincreases the stability while recording and its light-weight design frees you from fatigue even after long shooting periods. The soft foam pad fits comfortably on your shoulder, and the handle bar can be used as a stand-alone support for your camera.
  Size: 31*12.5*8cm
  Product weight: 0.72KG
  Max load capacity: 5KG

This is the simplest and most widely used VR camera rig solution. Just have the camera mounted on the camera rig and do not move it. You can not get motion sickness in this situation, and it's also a relatively compact solution. Although the tripod will still be captured by the camera on the bottom, adjusting the camera rig to keep the camera rig as small as possible helps to minimize the portion of the camera rig left on the ground. Then you need Clean plates. SLR cameras can be used to help remove images from the camera rig. You can learn more in the Clean Plates section below.

  You can also add a sling below the tripod, which is a good place to install additional equipment, such as sound capture devices or computers. Our camera operator even twisted his own body and hidden it below the tripod in order to prevent it being photographed while shooting.

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