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Camera rig is a very practical and very common photography accessories, but you really know the correct use of camera rig? Good camera rig can reduce the photographer's operation difficult, but also need to combine the actual situation of the shooting site, only the Only in this way to shoot sharp work at the same time protect their own equipment.

People are getting more and more "lazy," and they can never use the camera to solve problems that can be resolved with their mobile phones. They do not want to have trouble with camera rig, but think about it without cameras. Too much!

Fix the camera on a solid camera rig, which ensures sharp images. Selecting a smaller aperture will reduce the amount of light that reaches the sensor and the shutter speed will slow for proper exposure. At this point, the handheld camera is almost impossible to shoot sharp images.

  Durable Mini Tripod Camera rig SK-T1
  The Sevenoak SK-T1 is a light weight and portable aluminum mini tripod designed for use with smartphones, action cameras and DSLRs. It comes with a small ball head, mini tripod and an extension tube. The small ball head makes it convenient for you to mount your device in a right position to take the best shoots. The mini tripod is designed with angle adjustment which enables you to change the angle of the feet easily.

Live view can come in handy when you are shooting still objects. Especially in macro photography, because you can enlarge a part of the screen to carefully check the focus is accurate, the picture is clear enough. Earth people know, this time you need a camera rig to operate ah.

On the camera rig, you can also take pictures of the scenery and city landscape at night, if you add a ND gradient filter, the day long exposure is also ok. This means that the door to creative photography is open to you. It is not difficult to obtain silky smooth lakes with long exposures and pull the sky out of the tracks.

Some camera rig can help you to achieve ultra-low shooting angle, It does this by providing an extra short axis. This ultra-short axis and the replacement of the original axis is relatively simple, just press the button under the original axis, the bottom of the black cap removed, the original axis can be easily removed, and then ultra-short Axis directly put it on it. At the lowest angle, the camera rig is only 18 cm off the ground.

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The Perfect Shoulder Sevenoak Camera Rig

 The Sevenoak Precision Camera Stabilizer SK-W01N

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