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  Many students who have just touched the film mentioned this question. Frankly speaking, the better the equipment, the better the quality of the video. This is beyond doubt, or how will film a movie so that so many manufacturers can customize the best equipment for them. The better, of course, means more expensive, but we do not have so many banknotes, how to do. Do not worry, you see Oscar-winning movie people sugar, the last no money on the iPhone, not the same as the film. In fact, no matter how much money you use the equipment, handy, convenient, competent for your shooting requirements is the most important, in other words, good expensive may not be suitable for you.

  Rich focal lengths, Camera stability and low light noise control are the three basic requirements you most need to meet. First of all, the face of a variety of different shooting conditions, you need to cover the various focal lengths of the lens to meet the different scenes to switch between the screen. Perhaps you will think of a million dollars 50 mm fixed focal length lens is far better than a focal length 18-135 zoom in the hedging, but do not forget, we are not making a movie, to put it, the documentary filming is not Need you shoot beautiful picture quality, and you need to capture a richer information.
  Multifunctional Pocket Camera Rig SK-VH10
  Sevenoak SK-VH10 is a multifunctional flexible and foldable pocket camera rig which aims to stabilize your shooting, and it is designed for use with GoPro, Smartphone and DSLRs. The solid Aluminum construction allows SK-VH10 to support cameras weighing up to 4kg. The flexible tooth-joint design allows it to be folded up to a size that fits in your pocket, and unfolded into a number of different support configurations: a shoulder camera rig, a video handle, a selfie pole or a pistol grip etc. With Multifunctional Pocket camera Rig SK-VH10, you can go anywhere and shoots。

  Second, Camera stability is paramount. Your shooting environment is not a simple studio, reliable and stable equipment to ensure that you do not have to spend your energy and time to deal with the equipment appears in a variety of conditions, which will concentrate more on creativity and creation. For the stability of a broad point, continuous shooting for a long time, high-capacity battery, sufficient storage space and even good feel can be counted.

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The Perfect Shoulder Sevenoak Camera Rig

 The Sevenoak Precision Camera Stabilizer SK-W01N

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