How to make a professional camera slider for less than $40

  At present, almost all the SLRs on the market can be qualified for this task. In the choice of camera to pay special attention to the number of pixels in the camera's photosensitive device should be more than 10 million, so the number of pixels horizontal sensor can be more than 4000, in order to ensure the final can generate 4K video
  At present, some mainstream SLRs on the market have built-in time-lapse shooting function, and we can set up the menu to set the delay can be completed shooting, and even some cameras can output the synthesized video directly, very convenient;
  Camera shutter remote control. Camera remote control generally have two high-end, low-end only the shutter line, and the high-end can usually set the shooting interval;
  Light-weight Carbon Fiber camera Slider SK-CFS80
  THE Sevenoak Light-weight Carbon Fiber Camera Slider SK-CFS80 is a portable carbon fiber slider designed for both amateur and professional photographers/video makers. It features adjustable and foldable feet, super smooth sliding plate, extendable carbon fiber rails, built-in 1/4” and 3/8” screw holes.

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  Camera cracked. The current circle of popular camera crack, in fact, is trying to enter the factory's engineering settings menu, change settings. Cracked camera adds many features such as audio level meter, oscilloscope, HDR, delay shooting, voice monitoring, mobile monitoring and other functions, the current crack can only be targeted at some Canon cameras; some electric PTZ, electric camera slider, photography The car's controller comes with shutter control interface, can be directly connected to the camera, by setting the shooting interval, but also can delay control.
  First, the stairwell space is narrow, it is difficult to layout camera and camera slider and other equipment;
  Second, the dynamic is difficult to reflect. There is not enough room left for the photographer to carry the machine running, and the camera shake when going up and down the stairs requires a lot of post-work to be amended;

  Third, the lack of light in the stairwell, the narrow space is not easy to cloth, the light and shade of the picture quality and clarity is difficult to guarantee.

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The Perfect Shoulder Sevenoak Camera Rig

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