How to stabilize camera without tripod

  Using camera stabilizer can help you capture some incredible images, but this is not as simple as it seems.
  Since the popularity of MōVI, camera stabilizer is undoubtedly the most popular movie making new tool. Everyone wants to experience camera stabilizer to capture stunning, smooth moving images, but before you do, you need to know about 8 important things to keep in mind when using a professional camera stabilizer.
  Pay attention to the vertical movement: Three axes Balancing ring control is the heading axis, roll axis, pitch axis, but they do not control the vertical movement, which means that you do any vertical movement, whether walking, jumping, etc., will affect your screen . This is the first time the electronic camera stabilizer operators will often ignore the details, leading to "swimming" phenomenon.
  Camera stabilizer is not an alternative to other tools: camera stabilizer does not mean that you can shoot any picture, even if it can, camera stabilizer also has the use of limitations. Track, rocker and mobile photography are still the main tools for filming, so even if you receive an advertisement email that is sold by camera stabilizer one day, do not sell all your other cameras as quickly.

  Sevenoak Pro Camera Stabilizer SK-SW Pro 2
  Sevenoak SK-SW Pro 2 Carbon Fiber Handheld Video Stabilizer is a lightweight hand-held camera stabilization system for cameras and video cameras weighing up to approx. 3 kg. This stabilizer guarantees incredibly smooth and graceful shots even when you are running or going up and down stairs. It provides professional pictures or videos for professional video and film makers. It features carbon fiber and Aluminum construction; quick release camera platform; back and forth, side to side, up and down fine adjustment, height adjustable hand grip etc.

  Remember, everything has to serve your story: You just got a new electronic camera stabilizer and wanted to use it for all the long shots you want to shoot but you can not shoot in years. However, it is important that your purpose is to tell the story, whether the picture is fluent or not. Do not just because your pictures are smooth and steady, but that does not mean that your shots do not require motivation.

  Balance your camera stabilizer: In fact, setting the balance well in advance is better than starting the camera without setting the balance, causing the camera stabilizer to not work. McBeath said some operators did not balance the camera stabilizer with the camera stabilizer without knowing it, causing the motor and battery to overload.

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