The biggest reason how to choose camera stabilizer

If you change the shooting time and a half will not be able to change over, there are other ways you can quickly improve the bump up and down the problem?

With magic: balance car. In the relatively flat topography shooting environment, camera stabilizer and balance car can be described as a perfect partner.

Of course, this solution in camera stabilizer photography has been repeatedly verified by the market today, dog brother that one-stop, buy full-featured powerful but more cost-effective, after all, in addition to product features, product quality, after-sale, other technical support is you To pay, if you decide to use camera stabilizer, it is best not to buy too cheap goods.

Camera stabilizer is good, but the technique is also very important, to use camera stabilizer, or first learn the basic movements. The biggest reason why the camera stabilizer has not been so good is that we - the user's body.

Sevenoak Pro Camera Stabilizer SK-SW Pro 2
Sevenoak SK-SW Pro 2 Carbon Fiber Handheld Video Stabilizer is a lightweight hand-held camera stabilization system for cameras and video cameras weighing up to approx. 3 kg. This stabilizer guarantees incredibly smooth and graceful shots even when you are running or going up and down stairs. It provides professional pictures or videos for professional video and film makers. It features carbon fiber and Aluminum construction; quick release camera platform; back and forth, side to side, up and down fine adjustment, height adjustable hand grip etc.
sevenoak camera stabilizer

The use of camera stabilizer is very free, you can help us achieve a more stable shooting under any kind of trajectory, but in fact this ability is good and bad.

For example, in this video, it looks very smooth, but a closer look reveals that the lens seems to rock up and down, and it is not as completely locked as a rail on a track, making it impossible to produce a perfect straight line. Maybe you might prefer this slight sway, not a straight line, but what if the camera stabilizer is the only way to achieve this effect (creating a movie-like motion with a similar slide)?

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