The Perfect Shoulder Sevenoak Camera Rig

  Maybe since the predecessors invented the camera rig, there was a "rigging" or a "no rigging" of the camera rig. Because of a reason, I started using a camera rig, then I did not use it, then I used it again and again, It should be said that there is a little practice, today also come to join in the fun, talk about my personal opinion.
  The world has a benefit there must be a disadvantage, the so-called "one yin and one yang that way" is also. Those who just want the light of the eight sides, the four sides of the net, the good things that are cheap and good, and the ones that do not pay a price do not have in this world. The use of camera rig is also in line with this principle.
  First use useful benefits.
  Students with longer necks are easier to get started. If the student's neck is longer, the cheek rests against the cheekbone next to the cheekstock, and the backboard is too far from the shoulder, holding the keyboard harder. Children will be very painful to maintain a more regulated posture. Coupled with the camera rig, the long neck students will be very easy to maintain the basic posture of the harp. Oppose camera rig expert said piano plus camera rig will affect the sound, how many people in the world can hear the nuances?
sevenoak camera rig

  The second useless trouble.
  Playing If the camera rig goes awry, the performer gets overwhelmed, he will almost never play, and one of my students years ago came out of the question. This means that "one thing is a thing trapped, one thing is a thing tired," especially when it comes to purchasing a piano, using the camera rig is too much trouble, and you can not put it on every piano Camera rig, repeated loading, unloading, annoying trouble, and without the camera rig is more convenient.
  That camera rig in the end is used or not?

  This thing is actually very simple, want to use on the use, do not want to use do not; comfortable to use, no need not uncomfortable do not have; do not have to be uncomfortable to use! So simple! Or without the camera rig affect the normal playing state.

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