Using a Camera Slider for Great Looking Video Shots

  A camera slider consists of rails and some kind of carriage for the camera, right? Well, with the introduction of a new kind of slider, sevenoak says otherwise. Lacking any kind of rails, the carriage becomes obsolete. The sevenoak Wing is small, yet features a very well thought-out construction as you can see in the introduction video below.

  The whole device consists of two parts which engage with each other in a very precise way. Both parts are held together by a friction adjustment knob, which acts as a security lock while stored as well. One end of the Wing attaches to the the tripod via a standard 3/8″ – 16 mounting port. The camera is then attached to the other side of the device via a 1/4″ – 20 screw. Adapters are also provided.

  Inside, some neatly integrated drive belts work together in order to move the camera in a straight line, 4 times the length of the folded slider itself. The sevenoak Wing combines clever mechanical tricks in order to allow the camera to travel so far in a straight line with such a tiny device. The cool part is, you are not limited to classic left-to-right moves. Because of the folding mechanism, you’re able to perform push-in and pull-out moves without the slider getting into the frame.

sevenoak camera slider
Sevenoak is the latest achievements of foreign players, it is for weight less than two kilos of cameras and cameras, without any other equipment such as tripod, can achieve vertical, diagonal and horizontal movement, the operation method is unprecedented, and the effect of To some extent can indeed replace the traditional small rocker.

Similar to the single hand-held "small rocker" has also been introduced before manufacturers, but HandJib and predecessors are different, it is designed with a front grip, through the balance of two front-end camera to maintain the point of view. Sevenoak can move up and down steadily, like a traditional small rocker arm. When the need for diagonal movement, you need to tilt the camera fixed, of course, want to achieve similar camera slider horizontal motion, you only need to fix the camera 90 degrees vertically. It is interesting to note that the camera can be rotated around in horizontal motion, just like the tracking effect of a track shot.

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The Perfect Shoulder Sevenoak Camera Rig

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