Want a pocket Cheap DSLR Shoulder Rig?

  The first thing to understand is that this is just a small, portable tripod. Its main purpose is light weight, which can help you at a critical time when you do not want to be back with a heavy camera rig. If you want to ask: What can it do? According to the shooting needs, in addition to small and lightweight, it is good at low-angle, such as slow water. Cliff building party weapon, overlooking the high angle is very convenient, there is time-lapse photography, more applications require everyone to develop. Before you are ready to buy, here are some questions to be explained:
  If you first see this product, I believe you will heart. Small shape, workmanship is very delicate. The tripod is aluminum alloy material, its weight is only 144g, but can withstand the weight of 15kg. The design of the tripod is very fine, with a picture below you can see it all the introduction.

sevenoak camera rig

  Details close-up, workmanship is very delicate. A few buttons on the PTZ design, surely we all know, and the design of the button on the tripod is what? Here I will do a detailed explanation.
  Small also have material, three stalls of different height requirements
  This wolf we got a total of two products, the first generation and upgrade products. In the first generation of products have obvious BUG. There are two main points: one: the tripod has only one gear, can not be upgraded; two: because there is only one gear, the tripod is too small, the SLR can not be vertical. In the upgraded version, these two issues have been resolved.
  Time-lapse photography, B-door photography Previously only available in professional cameras to achieve the shooting function, now a cell phone can get. But to match it, we have to carry a phone holder or camera rig with us. A variety of mobile phone stand available in the market, the price is not expensive, but for mobile devices put on the pocket go, such a tripod really "awkward", and want to bring convenience, anytime, anywhere , Such a stent is actually in our daily life.

  Microblogging photography up to people @ Dada photography, just to share with you such a portable weapon, the following to see, his "mobile phone bracket" now.

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The Perfect Shoulder Sevenoak Camera Rig

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