What kind of tripod head?

  Common tripod head There are two types, divided into spherical tripod head and three-dimensional tripod head.
  Three-dimensional tripod head positioning precise volume, suitable for commercial buildings still telephoto telephoto shooting, etc., most of our photography lovers should choose a more lightweight spherical tripod head.
  We note that ball tripod head has a very important function is: damping. Tripod head can be turned when not so easy, but a certain amount of resistance to sticky, so that the camera rotation, it will not be too sensitive or too tight, not easy to fine-tune, so in particular When using a telephoto lens, the damping aid is still very large.
  SK-EBH60 Panoramic Time Lapse Tripod Head
  The Sevenoak SK-EBH60 Panoramic Time Lapse Tripod Head is a portable mechanical panoramic head that provides an ideal solution for creating time-lapse videos or panoramic stills with GoPro/action camera, smart phone and DSLRs around 2kg. It includes a 1/4"-20 camera screw on top and a 3/8” to 1/4"-20 socket at the bottom for a tripod, and it can also be used directly on a tabletop or other flat surface.
  Max load capacity: 2 KG
  Longest rotating time: 1 hour

Talking about monopod
  As you can see, monopods do not help "absolutely" stabilize the camera.
  Monopod suitable for large and heavy lens, the focal length is very long, this time because of the weight of the pressure hand-held is very easy to shake, monopod can significantly reduce the jitter.
  So usually at least 70-200 / 2.8,80-400 or longer lens, you need to move during the day shooting, will consider monopod. In short is not commonly used.
  to sum up
  The quality of the tripod head is relatively simple, so the basic can think that the more expensive is the better.
  According to their own financial budget and needs, choose the height of their own, can carry the largest tripod.

  Ps: do not think this thing is to buy with a lifetime, after all, still a consumable!

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