Cheap professional Matte Box Alternative!!!

Modern lens design is very high level, the lens coating even in the face of direct sunlight rarely appear glare situation. This is a good thing! In post-processing it's hard to recover those overexposed glare parts, while the glare's shape and where it appears are hard to predict. But if you want to be able to control the direction and shape of glare? This may not be the same for your photo charm.

Many people will ask me after seeing my photos: "How did you shoot this effect?" Now I came to reveal the answer ... That's right! It's the Ring of Glare! Mostly I use it to achieve this The effect of the lens is Nikon 58mm f / 1.4G, this lens can show a very soft blur effect, use it to shoot the glare is also very beautiful, does not give a very unexpected feeling. The material, shape and color of the tube placed in front of the lens will affect the photo effect, which is my favorite point - unlimited surprises!
The role of matte box:
  Professional Matte Box SK-MB1
  The Sevenoak SK-MB1 DSLR Matte Box with Top Flags for 15mm Rods from Sevenoak is suitable for use with a wide variety of DSLR cameras and baseplates with 15mm rod system(cameras, baseplates, and rods are not included). It is constructed from high-grade ABS plastic, and the included flag is made from aluminum. It is used on the end of a lens to block the sun or other unexpected light source during shooting.
  Simple and lightweight;
  Foldable and removable French flag;
  Fits for industry standard 15mm supporting rods;
  Universal anti-reflection fabric donut;
  Adaptable to various lens sizes;
  Compatible with other accessories;
  High-grade ABS plastic and Aluminum construction;

1, to prevent the generation of glare, stray light effectively block the lens to prevent the emergence of flare, to avoid the image appears atomized, reducing the contrast of color saturation.
2, matte box is also a lens protective cover, greatly reducing the impact of the lens landing.
3, matte box can also shelter the lens shelter, reducing direct damage to the lens of the rain.
Choice of matte box:
Round matte box Designed for fixed-focus lenses, petal-shaped matte box Designed for zoom lenses.

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