How Is viewfinder Used When Taking Photos?

  The camera's live view is not new features, the market circulation of SLR, micro-single, few cards without real-time viewing features. But under what circumstances is suitable for using live view? What are the live view operating steps? WeChat Jun will be described in detail below.
  Try turning on the camera's live viewfinder instead of subconsciously using the viewfinder. So you can appreciate the advantages of live view.
  Before we know when to use live view, we need to understand what is live view. Live view is to let the camera lift the reflector, the screen displayed directly on the back of the LCD screen, you can directly through the LCD screen, including the screen depth of field, color, light and dark final results.
  So when is the live view mode suitable? Shooting in low light is a good fit because it is often difficult to view the viewfinder in low light. In addition to the need for manual focus live view is also very helpful, such as shooting macro or scenery photos. In a bright environment with live view can make precise focus easy. When shooting movies, you can only use Live View mode, but most cameras do not autofocus under these conditions.

  Viewfinder 3.2" SK-VF Pro 1
  The sevenoak SK-VF Pro 1 is a 3.0x viewfinder designed for SLR cameras with 3”/3.2” LCD screen. It features with 3.0x focusable magnification, an optical designed lens, an anti-fog protective cover, an eyecup preventing light leakage, a 43.5mm diameter diopter etc. It was connected to the camera via an innovative magnetic quick release that inserts to a Manfrotto 501PL compatible baseplate.SK-VF Pro 1 offers an adjustable diopter that enlarges the LCD image by a factor of 3.0.
  Product size: 21.2*9.1*9cm
Sevenoak camera viewfinder

  However, note that live view is very power hungry. And the use of live view camera shake may become a problem to be considered. Because when using the camera LCD screen to see live viewfinder you want to lift a certain distance, which will reduce the stability of shooting. Coupled with the slow focus of real-time viewfinder, the picture taken is likely not the usual sharp shot. So it's best to use live view on a tripod.

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