When do you not use viewfinder?

  Many times, we see people wearing a long lens, always with a large front viewfinder, it seems very handsome and professional, but we know the real use of viewfinder? The appearance is really handsome appearance Now let us know!
  Viewfinder is set in the camera lens before the common photography attachments, metal, hard plastic and other materials. As the name suggests, viewfinder's function is to stop the extra light. The camera lens is composed of multiple lenses, when the sunlight shines into the lens, the light will continue to reflect between the lens and the lens, resulting in ghosting or causing the photo gray, so viewfinder can help improve image quality.
  The blue line is the light path when in normal phase. The gray line is the surrounding interference light, the light is reflected by the bottom of the lens trailing edge (red line), then the light forward again with the front lens reflex, and finally back to the phenomenon of generating halo.
sevenoak camera viewfinder

  Viewfinder category
  1, flower-shaped viewfinder
  Flower-shaped viewfinder is to meet the needs of the lens viewing angle, so the left and right to do a little longer up and down longer, the flower-shaped viewfinder is to facilitate the formation of the light in front of the formation of the quadrangular pyramid.
  2, long viewfinder
  The longer the viewfinder, the more it can isolate the interference of the surrounding light sources, and the better the effect of reducing the glow. Therefore, using the long viewfinder with a long lens helps to concentrate the light entering the lens.
  3, short viewfinder
  In contrast, the short viewfinder is more used for Wide lenses, because wide-angle lenses need to absorb more light than long lenses, resulting in a wider landscape.
  4, square viewfinder
  Square viewfinder is also to facilitate the formation of the previously mentioned quadratic pyramid of light, common in some small aperture Leica lens.
  5, square + circular viewfinder
  This viewfinder set square and round viewfinder advantages in one, common in larger caliber lenses, such as Leica SL 24-90 / 2.8-4.0
  6, hollow-shaped viewfinder
  This viewfinder is a camera-specific paraxial camera, the purpose is not to block the viewfinder paraxial line of sight, so complete composition.
  The benefits of using viewfinder
  In addition to blocking excess light viewfinder, there are other benefits:
  1. The use of viewfinder to protect the lens, viewfinder can accidentally hit and reduce the chance of damage to the mirror;
  2.viewfinder to avoid the impact of rain and dust mirror;
  3. Viewfinder helps to reduce the damage caused by a bump when you accidentally drop the lens to the floor.
  When do you not use viewfinder?
  1.When using both wide-angle lens and built-in flash, the viewfinder has the opportunity to block the flash, make a shadow, such as must use the flash and viewfinder, you can use the external flash to solve;

  2. Use the filter to be adjusted, viewfinder may make the filter inconvenient, then you can remove the viewfinder.

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