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The term "camera cage" comes from a professional video field and is a supporting device for carrying professional cameras when shooting HD video with a single-lens reflex camera.

It can not only play the role of protecting the camera but also providing extra space for the peripherals of the camera. So, friends would like to know how the camera "camera cage" is made.

"Camera cage" includes a wide-angle macro combo lens and 58mm filter holder, after you have a complete set of equipment are equipped to see if your cell phone has been forced blast table it? Of course it is worth mentioning The "camera cage" design takes into account almost all of the currently available handsets, whether you are an iphone or a Samsung, or other branded handsets, you can use it with the "camera cage", which you can adjust by adjusting the "camera cage" Of the two red buttons to install their own phone size to be adjusted at the same time, the phone back of the phone clip made of rubber, both to ensure that your phone will not slip or shift, but also to ensure that your phone is not Will be scratched or left mobile phone accessories folder.

  Camera Cage SK-GHA6
  Video Cage for action cameras;
  Solid Aluminum construction, durable and built to last;
  Built with two cold shoe mounts;
  Comes with secure wrist strap;
  Max load capacity: 11 oz / 5.0 KG;

Lens, the "camera cage" is equipped with a removable 0.45X wide-angle macro 2 in 1 lens, in other words is a can be replaced on demand lens phone shooting system. As with many collection lenses, you need to take a wide-angle lens off when taking macro shots. The "camera cage" design is very much in line with the needs of mobile photography. The design of the wooden handle has excellent touch when shooting. Meanwhile, the metal handles on both sides also provide good support for the required stability during shooting. " camera cage "has a tripod mount on the top and bottom.

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