Sevenoak Pro Handheld video Camera Stabilizer Perfect for Steady

As video cameras become more compact and the performance of mobile or motion cameras becomes more powerful, we are also increasingly confident in the professional production of these devices, and it is worth considering that we should purchase them as camera stabilizer.

The camera stabilizer market is in a period of drastic change. The traditional mechanical camera stabilizer and the new electronic camera stabilizer coexist. Before buying your camera stabilizer, you should know that no matter what type of camera stabilizer, there are some common The basic factors can affect the final stability.

Handheld Video Stabilizer Top Handle SK-H02

Sevenoak SK-H02 is a solid aluminum cold shoe Handheld video stabilizing top handle and shoe extender for stabilizing your video shoots with DSLRs/camcorders which features a standard hot/cold shoe. It features numerous 1/4” and 3/8” threads, a cold shoe mount, built-in spirit level. The 1/4” and 3/8” threads, and the cold shoe mount enables you to mount accessories such as microphone, LED lights and monitors.
Sevenoak camera stabilizer

The wider the viewing angle, the less noticeable the jitter of the picture. Most sport cameras have a widest viewing angle of at least 120 degrees, ensuring that everything you want to capture is included in the picture no matter where it is fixed. And if your hand is a large-size sensor camera or full-frame video camera, to obtain a 120 degree angle at least 10mm focal length lens is required. Whether the 10mm lens or sports camera will make the picture produce fisheye deformation, if the shooting scenery is not a problem, but if you shoot people will have strange distortion. Therefore, the ideal camera focaAl length camera photography in the 18mm to 24mm between the focal length of the screen to stabilizer and avoid distortion to find a balance between. If you use a sports camera, you can also set a narrower angle of view (such as 90 degrees).

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